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Dignified prides itself on the following distinguishing characteristic. Contractually guaranteed results in an industry where that is unheard of.
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We've consistently succeeded in suppressing negative client articles from the following outlets.

Reputation Management

In today’s world, your online reputation is your first impression. We make sure you are always shown in the best light.

Financial Services

Financial institutions such as hedge funds, private equity/venture firms, asset managers, and large banks rely upon Dignified to ensure that the world knows they can be entrusted with managing their assets. We work in both a proactive and reactive manner to ensure we protect these captains of industry with the knowledge that a single negative article can cost millions in lost revenue for our clients and their firms.

Health Care Reputation Management

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and leading medical professionals have all entrusted Dignified with ensuring their maintenance of a bespoke online image. In the healthcare industry, reputation is the leading currency. Any threat to this can be catastrophic both professionally and financially.

Political Reputation Management

Governments, candidates for public office and political strategists navigating the turbulent waters of political campaigns, leverage Dignified’s deep-seated expertise to make sure they can focus their attention on serving the public and not on the reputation hazards that too often arise in the political arena. We are there to protect their online reputation against anything that can cost them their elections, and deprive the public of trustworthy public servants.

Corporate Reputation Management

Fortune 1000 companies and their peers have all seen the devastating impact on public trust when corporations have their online reputation threatened. Dignified has built a practice around proactively building a digital firewall to protect our client’s digital reputations and swiftly act in times of crises.

About Us

Dignified uses search engine optimization technology and brand development to deliver clean search results on Google. By focusing heavily on copywriting and creating outstanding content, negative search results can be suppressed. As the world becomes more virtual, our technologies are adapting to lead the reputation management industry.

Need PR Help?

Rooted in the foundation of our classic public relations background, our sister company DignifiedPR (previously a privately owned boutique firm) was founded over 5 years ago. The firm has helped corporations, universities, high profile individuals and foreign governments garner positive media and press attention. DignifiedPR consistently achieves unparalleled success in its public relations campaigns due to the innovative approach it employs.

What Our Clients Say

Our reputation is just as important as yours

"I came to Dignified after spending tremendous amounts of money with two different "expert public relations firms". Dignified accomplished more in our first 4 months than I did with two separate 12-month engagements with these other companies."
After 2 years of work with Reputation Defender, I had begun to feel helpless and that I would never escape the horror of an unfortunate business deal gone wrong from many years ago. Within 2 months, Dignified gave me hope that things were changing and I have seen consistent progress ever since. I finally feel like I can breathe again.”
Dignified not only built out a strong online presence for me that highlighted my philanthropic focuses but also removed the articles that caused me quite a bit of embarrassment and business."

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