October 22, 2020

The Importance of Your Online Image

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In today’s day and age there are few things as important as your online image. Google and other search engines are used by businesses, institutions, governments and private individuals worldwide, when deciding whether to engage with another party in a commercial transaction. A negative story that’s featured prominently in one’s search engine results can have a serious impact, and therefore clearly available for the objective eye to notice can destroy prospective valuable opportunities. One of the issues that has continued to perplex us at Dignified Online, is the number of companies that invest six or even seven figures annually into their PR budgets, without allocating any monies toward rehabilitating their online images. Uber for instance faced a huge PR crisis that cost valuable online reputation which could have been defrayed by the employment of an online reputation management firm like Dignified Online.The reality is that the industry has done a poor job at communicating the value of online reputation management to consumers and the corporate world more broadly.

As the digital and social media worlds have developed, there are opportunities that now exist for anyone to have access to a platform to sound off on their positive or negative experience with a business, small or large. This is a fact that should not go unnoticed by any business owner. Anything from a couple negative YELP reviews to an unflattering blog-post by a customer, documenting their negative experience with your business can have severe consequences on your online image.

Without any proactive work in a pre-emptive fashion in building your business’ online image, the consequences of such unflattering postings can and will be even more severe. And this is for quite a basic reason. If there isn’t much in the way of information about you and your business online in advance of any negative review, blog or story, that negative item is going to feature a lot more prominently in your search engine results.

In fact, the item might even be the sole barometer by which prospective customers and clients of your business will judge your brand. The way they’ll make a decision as to whether your business is worth them purchasing from. In our own experience speaking to business owners large and small, online reputation management as a service offering is not well known. Its value and nuances of its offerings are even lesser known. We look forward to changing that; and one of the mechanisms our company intends to use to do that, is posting valuable content about the industry on this blog for all to be able to review. We thank you for visiting.

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