October 22, 2020

4 Easy Steps to Owning Your Online Image

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We at Dignified Online have had the great pleasure of working for many different corporate and personal interests in helping them rehabilitate their online images. But we’ve also worked with many individuals who have had absolutely battered online reputations that could have been avoided. That’s the subject we’d like to tackle in today’s blog-post. What steps can one take to properly prepare for any sort of incoming press, so as to mitigate the amount of reputational harm they will suffer on a digital scale?

Whether you are a public figure or not, you should be sure to have an online image of some sort, regardless of whether you have any aspirations to monetize it. Here are just a few easy steps to go about that:

  1. Own a domain in your name: This may seem like simple advice; but it’s advice that can go a very long way toward helping build out your online image in a bespoke way, that helps to preemptively thwart off damaging press of any sort. And don’t just buy your .com; buy your .net and .org
  2. Blog on that domain: You don’t have to regularly contribute content; but even a few pieces of content annually will go a long way toward helping optimize that domain in Google’s search engine results for when your name is searched for. You ultimately want there to be a steady stream of updates made to the domain in an effort to ensure Google identifies it as being relevant for your name.
  3. Create Social Profiles: Once again, there’s no financial cost involved whatsoever; and yet, the few minutes that creating these social profiles can have on the future of your online image, can prove tremendously valuable. Create a Facebook account for you and/or your business. A Twitter account. A Crunchbase. The more, the merrier.
  4. Upload Images: No matter the business and industry you might be operating in, people appreciate seeing who they’re purchasing from – whether that be a service or a product. Don’t be shy!

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